New-born Care Tips Every New Mom Should Know
20 Apr 2021

New-born Care Tips Every New Mom Should Know

Post by Catherine Michaels

Umbilical Cord Care

Taking care of the Umbilical cord may seem a little bit scary because of how delicate it looks, but it is pretty easy when you know what to do. You don’t need to fear the cord getting wet after a bath, but you need to air it afterwards. Take care to avoid hitting the area of the umbilical cord, pulling the cord or tucking it inside the diaper. It only causes your baby pain. Ensure that the cord stays dry as much as possible. The cord will come off naturally one to two weeks after birth.

Don’t Stall Breastfeeding

The yellowish colostrum also called foremilk should be given to the baby as it is rich in antibodies and minerals. Nursing mothers are encouraged to seek help from lactation specialists in hospitals. 

Nurse Your Baby Whenever He/She wants

It is important to nurse your baby in the first six weeks. Do not create a feeding timetable too early for the baby as this may later stand in the way of your milk production. Kindly note that the more you feed your baby, the higher the milk production.

Eat/Drink the Right Food

Eat/Drink the necessary nutrients to help boost your milk production. Drink lots of water. Although this is dependent on the level of activity, age and biological process or metabolism of a person, you should always try to drink more than you normally would if you weren’t breastfeeding.  It is expected for a nursing mother to gain a few calories as they are likely to lose 1 to 4 pounds of calories monthly due to breastfeeding their children.

Always Go to Bed Early

Sleep as soon as you get the opportunity. Your body needs this so that you can be physically and mentally fit to take care of the baby. Bedtime should be stable to create a daily procedure which will help the baby precede the next routine.

Prepare for Sick Days

Oral rehydration therapy or remedy is essential in replacing lost fluids from vomiting or bowel movements. It is important to not run out of rehydration drinks in case of an emergency or if your baby vomits at night. An example of a rehydration drink is vitamin water.

Minimize Visitors/Minimal Guests

Minimize visitation from family and friends at the early stage of lactation in order to spend quality time with your baby. The period immediately after childbirth is the most crucial part of bonding with your baby which is essential for every new mom.

Manage Your Crying Baby

Firstly, examine or inspect the baby’s diaper to confirm if it’s soiled Also check the temperature of the environment (too hot/too cold) or if the clothing is uncomfortable for the baby. Secondly, breastfeed the baby if the baby cries. The baby might be hungry and that might be the reason for the discomfort. Lastly, rock the baby, take the baby for a stroller ride or a baby swing. Babies generally love to be moved around

Seek Assistance from Your Partner, Sibling or Parent if Necessary

The truth is you cannot handle a newborn alone. Those who have tried will tell you they wished they had helping hands because of how physically and mentally draining it is. You need all the help you can get. Take as much rest as your body needs and allow your close family and friends to take turns with your newborn. Your husband should help in cradling and bathing the baby. This is required for bonding between your baby and your partner. If he is not available, your parents and siblings can help out with the activities.

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