How to keep your kid learning while stuck at home
20 Apr 2021

How to keep your kid learning while stuck at home

Post by Catherine Michaels

The closure of schools and other fun spots that kids frequent has forced a new reality on parents around the world; having the kids around all the time! As kids are ever agile, their developing brains needing constant activity most guardians struggle to keep up. Here are a few tips that might help.

Indoor games

Kids are famous for their inability to stay still and being stuck in the house only makes them even more restless. Why not come up with a few games that’ll get them moving and also teach them a thing or two? Classics like sock toss, balancing beam, indoor bowling, and a variety of board games fit this standard. If you run out of games or have trouble deciding which one to play, you can check out a few kids’ channels on YouTube for more ideas.


For most adults housework is merely unavoidable and there’s nothing fun about it but kids do not yet see it this way. Involving them in chores can be enjoyable for them while also improving basic life skills. During laundry for instance get them to count all clothes, sort clothes by color or material, and fold all socks and underwear. They could also take turns washing their toys. This sort of activity, can help kids with their counting, give them a sense of responsibility, and teach them to be orderly.


Kids are capable of learning almost anything if well taught. Even if you don’t consider your kid to be artistic there’s a lot they can gain from practicing. Pick a storybook your kids love and have them make line drawings of the activity as you read it to them. Then take turns playing the characters and act out the story. You can even incorporate some made-up songs and record the whole thing to make a movie! With art the options are abundant and the benefits lifelong.


In today’s world kids spend most of their free time staring at various screens. Having all day free is an opportunity to turn their attention to something more rewarding. Helping your kid start a seed garden that they tend daily will increase their sense of wonder at nature, improve their patience and help develop a scientific mind. Who knows, the experience of overseeing the seed’s germination might spark in them an enduring love of gardening; a calming and meditative activity useful in the tough landscape of adulthood.


However desirable it may be, it’s virtually impossible to keep kids away from TV. A better way is to add another dimension to your kid’s experience of watching TV by running an informative commentary when they’re watching their favorite shows. Keep an eye out for anything on screen that they might be unfamiliar with and tell them all you know about it. This way they get entertained and educated at the same time.

It’s important to do things that the kids are actually interested in rather than try to get them interested in what guardians enjoy. Don’t treat the activities as things to do just to pass the time but rather as valuable time spent together building your relationship.

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