How to get The Best Parenting Advice from Other Moms
26 May 2021

How to get The Best Parenting Advice from Other Moms

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The Challenges of Motherhood

Being a mother is a tough, selfless and thankless job. It is physically, mentally and, emotionally tasking. Being needed by everyone and having no time for oneself is draining. Whether a new mom or an experienced mom, the pressures that comes with motherhood are universal. The fears, constantly worrying about the children, the loss of a sense of self, and financial troubles are just a few of the confusions and concerns that plague mothers. 

The Need for Mom Peer Groups

Doing it alone is counterproductive. Women have relied on each other since the beginning of time to get through every stage of child-rearing. Talking mom to mom is highly therapeutic and has given mothers an outlet to voice their concerns to more experienced women who can, not only relate but also offer the best parenting advice. Communities of women all over the world have provided and still provide each other with support systems that have made motherhood easier and a lot more enjoyable. Thus, solidifying the need for mom peer groups.

Getting the Best Parenting Advice from Other Moms.

Talking mom to mom is an invaluable parenting resource and the best way to get the best parenting advice from other moms is to first be friendly and approachable. Avoid being overly sensitive and be open to advise and suggestions. Asking questions will save from making a lot of unnecessary mistakes and being kind, supportive, respectful, and non-judgmental of other parenting practices will strengthen the bond between moms.

Setting Up a Peer Group of Moms

Finding the balance between having a good mom peer support group and getting the best parenting advice is key. While seeking peer support is a wise choice, taking parenting advice from other moms can be a bit tricky. Parenting today is quite a sensitive issue and unsolicited advice can be very triggering even when it comes from a good place. A good mom peer group structure should consist of women with similar age, background, social status, interests, and age of kids. This ensures everyone is on the same page and the likely hood of misunderstanding and unhealthy competition is ruled out. It is easier to take advice from moms who share or have been through similar experiences. Mothers around the same age generally go through the same things. The changes they experience are relatable and talking mom to mom makes them feel less isolated and empowered to stay strong through all the challenges of motherhood. The advice shared is usually applicable and effective because the contexts and experiences are similar. Having kids around the same age means they can pool their time and resources to relieve common stressors. They can share children’s books, toys, and clothes, carpool to school, attend social events, babysit, make hospital runs and so much more.


Every stage of a child’s life from infant to toddler, preteens to proper adolescence comes with its challenges. While parenting books help give a general idea on how to handle them, the peculiarities that come with being human means those guidelines aren’t guaranteed to work. Practical advice from a fellow mom goes way further than any self-help book will.

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