Best places to travel in the US with kids under 10
20 Apr 2021

Best places to travel in the US with kids under 10

Post by Catherine Michaels

Traveling together is a great family bonding activity. It creates opportunities for families to get to spend time together without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It makes it possible for spouses to notice changes in each other as well as for parents and children to get to know each other better through shared activities. However, traveling with kids under 10 can be difficult. Most popular travel destinations have attractions that are mostly targeted at adults and older children. To find out travel destinations that are perfect for traveling with kids under 10, you often need a guide. This article provides that guide. Below are 5 of the best places to travel in the US with kids under 10.

1. Florida

Florida is a great place to travel to in the US when you have kids. What easily comes to mind when people think of Florida with regard to kids is Walt Disney World, and while it is sure a fascinating place for you to take your kids, there are other fun places in Florida to take your kids to. You can take your kids to the Kennedy Space Center where they can learn more about space travel, and to WonderWorks, where they can experience science in action. If your kids like animals, taking them to Gatorland where they can see different types of reptiles indigenous to Florida will prove to be a fun and educating experience. 

2. California

Visiting Disneyland is undoubtedly an enjoyable family experience. However, there are more things families with kids under 10 can do in California. You can visit Hollywood and engage your kids in a game of picking out their favorite actor’s star on the Walk of Fame. You can visit Old Town, where your kids can learn about the early settlers.

3. South Padre Island, Texas

This beautiful Island located on the Gulf Coast in Texas is a fun place to travel for people of all ages. The entire family can spend some time sunbathing on the beach, fishing and dolphin watching. For extra things to do, you can interest your kids in a sandcastle building contest at the sand dunes on the north end of South Padre Island. 

4. New York

In New York, both adults and kids can find something fun to do. You can take your kids to The New York Hall of Science where your kids can learn about science in a fun and engaging way. They can also visit both the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan for more fun learning. There is also the Bronx Zoo for them to enjoy and learn more about wildlife. 

5. Atlanta, Georgia

There’s a little bit of something for every child in Atlanta, Georgia. For kids interested in knowing the origins and history of things, there is the World of Coca Cola for them to visit and explore. For kids fascinated by how the news reaches the world, there is CNN Center where they can watch how the news reaches the rest of the world. For kids interested in sea life, Atlanta is home to the Georgia Aquarium which is the largest aquarium in the US with hundreds of sea life including dolphins, sharks, manta rays and whales. 

Don’t hold back on taking trips to fun destinations with your kids. Use this article as a guide to show your kids the world. 

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